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First Non-Pissy Post. YAY!
Foamy the Squirrel
Alright, so I've got a lot to be happy about this week. I hope this keeps up, as it makes me more inclined to be fun :D Got to see baby brother this week (for those of you that don't know, Baby Brother has autism, and doesn't live at home with us because he is too physically strong for us to properly take care of him) several times!!! Also, I went from having no job to a couple, so more happy squeeing from me! XD So overall, I'm pretty damned perky this week, in fact, I'd call myself downright exstatic (no idea if that's how its spelled but whatever). I can only look forward to more awesomeness, so lets keep our fingers crossed!!!!

I'm Sorry, But Do I Have A Tattoo On My Forehead That Screams "I'm Great For Drunk Calls"?
Foamy the Squirrel
Okay, I'm not condemning people that go out drinking on the weekends, let me get that straight. Its not my place, and I'm in no position to judge (don't ask). What I am pissed about is the fact that for some reason, I am the go-to girl if you're shitfacd and looking for someone to call. Take my ex-boyfriend, for example. Without fail, at exactly 1:30 am (I swear to god he sets a timer on his phone or something), I get drunken texts and nine times out of ten an accompanying phonecall. Within these phonecalls, it is mentioned at least seven times that I'm ridiculously hot (his words, not mine), and that I'm one-night-stand material. Granted, this hasn't happened in two weeks, but its been grating at me. He's not the only one. In one week alone, I had five seperate friends call me, completely wasted. Some of them were funny, some of them...well...I had to spend fifteen minutes begging them not to have any more. I get it. It's hilarious when you're drunk to call your friends and let them know. But remember: if that friend isn't at the party, it could possibly mean that they're trying to get a little shut-eye, and unless you're calling for help (because no matter what, I wouldn't ignore one of those), please wait til you're coherent and/or sober before calling. Thank You.

Hockey, Valentine's Blues, and Introductions.
Foamy the Squirrel
Okay, I've had this thing for months...and yet this is my first post (besides a post in I Call Shotgun's Lap ftw!!!). Sad, huh? Meh well, better late than never. Now...what to write. Well, I'm sitting here in my computer chair.  Ah, what's that? I can take inspriation from my title line? Aaaaalrighty then!!! Away I go.

Okay, so today, as many of you are aware, was Valentines Day. Now, I don't resent the couples that go about their day and celebrate. what I DO resent are the couples that feel Valentine's is an excuse for excessive PDA's in a hockey stadium parking lot. People, nobody wants to know how far you can stick your tongue down your significant other's throat. Yes, yes, we understand that "you got skillz", but, unless you plan on whisking me away to actually demonstrate said skillz, I honestly don't want to see it. /rant.

On a positive note, I DO love hockey. I am a hardcore supporter of my nation's passtime, and I support it with mad pride :D. The intensity, the pace...and more importantly, its hilarious (and kind of hot) to watch a bunch of guy pounding on eachother until they have to be pried apart *sigh*. This is why I chose to spend my valentines day in a stadium with 4400 like-minded individuals screaming my face off for my team, and to me, that beats dinner and a movie any day. and besides being a blast, it makes you talk to people! Even if you have no idea who it is, I've always been possessed with the need to turn to the person next to me to bitch about a ref's call, or to high five over a goal. Alright, now I think I should stop before I get so far in I'm convinceing myself that I can convert the world into hockey fans lol.

So, after all that, one can assume two things about me: number one: I like hockey number two: I need to get laid. Badly. It'll probably come up once or twice over the course of this blog. But that's okay, because even if no one reads this, I know I've got it out there. If I find that people read it, I shall be honored...and perhaps think of more interesting things to say, heh.

Til then, it's far past my bedtime. Gotta get up and kick my sister's butt out of bed to get her to school. You'll probably hear about her too. Love her dearly, but sometimes she's a pain in the ass. But there's mostly love <3

Good night, Fair people of the internet!!!


Grifkilla 51 (or Kat...if any of you are familiar with Agent AK, (alias Nat))


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